Day 537 – The end of the world

Day 537 / Tolhuin – USHUAIA!!!, Argentina / 65 miles (Total 15,005) There are moments in life that can change the path you walk on. A thought that sends you to the unknown. A simple decision that can bring closure to the lost of a loved one. I let go to the confusion of life and followed a dream. … Continue reading »

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Day 536 – Right around the corner

Day 536 / Camping – Tolhuin, Argentina / 60 miles (Total 14,940) It was hard to take in that Ushuaia is right around the corner. Another 2 days and this adventure will be over. I left the city early in the morning to beat traffic. Most of the ride today was the same flat, windy … Continue reading »

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Day 535 – Short circuit

Day 535 / Camping – Rio Grande, Argentina / 85 miles (Total 14,880) I made it to my last border crossing on this trip and it went as smooth as possible. A tour bus filled with people were all waiting in line and I thought I would be waiting to stamp out of Chile for … Continue reading »

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