Day 536 – Right around the corner

Posted by on February 26, 2015

Day 536 / Camping – Tolhuin, Argentina / 60 miles (Total 14,940)


Leaving the hostel, I noticed some punks tossed a brick through the window of where I was staying. The lady that owned the hostel was in here late 70’s and very sweet (a little crazy, but sweet). Bums me out thinking she has to deal with this today.

It was hard to take in that Ushuaia is right around the corner. Another 2 days and this adventure will be over.


TREES! Wow, was I glad to see something in the background that wasn’t flat lands.

I left the city early in the morning to beat traffic. Most of the ride today was the same flat, windy ride. There was a nice stretch of road that hugged the ocean for a few miles, which was a very nice treat. As the day went on the scenery finally started to change with rolling hills, green grass, and trees. Even though I was banged up from the hard week of riding, I was really enjoying the afternoon ride.


A shack on the Atlantic ocean.


So many of these fox’s running around


Two little ones running in the field


A little shelter from the wind


Getting closer


Markus and Karin from Switzerland. Met this couple in Rio Tranquillo and keep bumping into them. They noticed me on the side of the road and pulled over for a chat. It was nice talking to them for a while. They will make it to Ushuaia today and I should be there in a day or so. These two have some miles logged on from all over the world.

After talking with Markus and Karin, I started back on the road. The later the afternoon went on the stronger the winds got. It felt good to only have 10 miles to get to town, but 10 miles here can slow you down though. It took me 3 hours to finally get into town. Not much for sleeping options, but the La Union bakery is here. The bakery is famous for taking in bikers passing through. A nice place to get out of the wind, a nice dinner, and a hot shower.

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