Day 535 – Short circuit

Posted by on February 21, 2015

Day 535 / Camping – Rio Grande, Argentina / 85 miles (Total 14,880)


The thought of riding today was tough to take in. My body can’t take much more of a beating, but I only have a few days to go. It was freezing cold to start the morning and the winds never died down last night. I only had a few miles to make it to the intersection where I would be heading east and hopefully get some tailwind.


I made it to my turn off and my smooth pavement turned into another dirt road. Didn’t matter to me. I turned east and the wind was blasting me on my back. The best tailwind I have ever had touring. There was no need to pedal on this road, but I needed to feel some speed after the last few slow days. I ran out of gears speeding fast down this road.

I made it to my last border crossing on this trip and it went as smooth as possible. A tour bus filled with people were all waiting in line and I thought I would be waiting to stamp out of Chile for at least an hour. The bus driver saw me pulling up on my bike and brought me right up to the front of the line. Gracious! Getting back into Argentina took about 30 seconds. A quick look at my passport and my last stamp in my book. Wow, it’s coming to an end soon.


Back into Argentina and a new view would soon appear.


The road eventually turned south and I was back battling the winds. My tiny little shelter on the left is where lunch was made. Another day of screaming winds


Today was tough on me mentally. Thoughts of being home soon. Thoughts of the end of the road is circling around my head. ┬áMy emotions feel like they have had a short-circuit. I’m not sure how to feel at this moment.

It took some time to find a place to sleep in Rio Grande. The large city was hard to get around with the wind blasting and heavy traffic. I really couldn’t imagine living like this. The winds never die down here. Always getting beat down. You don’t see much outdoor activity’s around here. Found a cheap hostel that a nice, sweet, crazy, elderly lady ran. Filled my saddlebag one last time with food and was sleeping early.


Here’s the new view! From the Pacific in North America, to the Atlantic in South America. The feel of two wheels has opened doors that I would have never thought was possible

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  1. Terry Nelson

    Michelle and I are going to miss your blogs and photos. We sure had fun at the Plunge! It was great to meet you, Holly and Tammy. We wish we had come to the after party, but, we made it safely to our room;) Keep in touch…