Day 531- Another long day

Posted by on February 14, 2015

Day 531 / Esperaza – Rio Gallegos, Argentina / 90 miles (Total 14,635)


All packed up and ready


Since there wasn’t much around to take photos of, I¬†was looking for something new. Well, this worked out great. I took a random photo of a small drainage tunnel and if you look close you will see two glowing eyes. At the end of the tunnel was a baby fox. Think he scared me more than I scared him.


This is about the only view around here


Well, at least I have these guys to keep me company



The sign sums it up. So glad I had a decent cross/tailwind all day. What I didn’t know was this would be the last day the wind would be in my favor for a while


Good thing I am easily entertained, or this road might have drove me to insanity


These ostriches made me work for this photo. They would not sit still for a second.


It may be empty, but still some amazing views


My road ahead


What can I say, I have some stylish hair days on tour

One Response to Day 531- Another long day

  1. Suzie

    It’s amazing how the terrain changes from one blog to the next!!! I love how you always find something good to say about it even tho it’s not always your first choice of views!