Day 343 – A little Jim time

Posted by on July 27, 2014

Day 343 / Campoalegre-Gigante, Colombia / 35 miles (Total 8250)


Walked out of the hotel and this rainbow was the center of attention this morning. It was a lot bigger, but I was too busy filling my mouth at the bakery to take a photo.

Today, we planned on a short easy day with only 35 miles to the next decent size town. Hahaha, forgot I was in Colombia. The first 20 mile of the ride was up and down easy hills, then came a good push of a few miles uphill. Soon as the steep hill started, the sun decided to come out of hiding and give us a good sweat. I received a sunburn even with a t-shirt on, some powerful rays down here.


Don’t forget to look behind you on tour. This view made my jaw drop and gave me a big-o-smile.


About 5 minutes later I looked behind again and the scenery was still amazing.


Reflection photo


Stopped here after a few miles of climbing uphill. Nice to have great views when a hill is beating you down


Road warriors

Made it to Gigante and grabbed the cheapest hotel at $10.00. The other hotels are very expensive and I was happy with the one we got. Quiet and off the main road for a good night sleep. The shower was freezing cold and felt great on my Sun burnt back. Took a walk into the small town and today I wish I could have been invisible. Don’t get me wrong, I feel very blessed for being on this trip, but someday’s are a little overwhelming. As I walked down the street people got close enough to be in my personal bubble and stare at me with an open mouth. I would walk into a store to browse and 2-3 people would follow me around to see what I was looking at. The people working would notice I was in the store and follow as well. Every time I would pick something up, they would grab a plastic bag and try to pack it up for me. No less than two steps behind me the people would watch and stop when I stopped. I know they are just curious on what a gringo buys, but wow, today was ridiculous. I needed a little Jim time, so back to the solitude of the hotel and called it a night.


The sign says it all after 11 months on the road most of my gear is taped, sewed or zip-tied together. Homeless and happy.



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  1. Terry Nelson

    Enjoy the Jim time! Hear from you down the road….