Day 511-513 – Grinding out the miles

Day 511-513 / Villa Amengual – Coyhaique, Chile / 85 miles (Total 14,000)


This is Marley (he just looked like a Marley to me). I met him last night after I bought some food at the local market and he thought we were best friends after I gave him a good rub down. This morning he was in the middle of the road when I was leaving the village and he wanted to say goodbye. I slowed down and he jumped up with two paws on my front pannier.


I gave him a good rubbing goodbye and he wanted to give me a goodbye present. He ran off in the park, did a little digging and came back with a small rock. Boy-oh-boy, was he proud of this rock. He dropped it at my feet, nudged it closer to me, then gave me a bark goodbye. Thanks Marley for the present


When the road is a rough, washboard, dirt road, I have been transferring most of my weight to the back for easier handling. When the roads are smooth, I bring the weight back to the front. The last few weeks I have been getting rid of the last of my extra weight. Feels good to ride light.


This would be the last photo I take for the next 5 hours. The heavy rains came once again and I was riding in a downpour.


The closer I got to Coyhaique the more the sky’s opened up. Even a nice tailwind started to pick up


About 20 miles from the city and I entered another national park. I forgot how sore my butt was with more beautiful views


Had my second lunch of the day here.




And another


The road started to climb and at this point I was running out of energy. Only 10 miles to go


The clouds finally gave way and let me see what was out there


Wind turbines far off in the distance letting me know only one thing


Coyhaigue is the only city on the Carretera Austral. I was shocked to see how big it really was.


4,000 ft in climbing and 85 miles today. I wasnt sure if I was going to make the last mile into town. Of course, it had to be uphill. I finally limped into town to get another shock. The prices of lodging. I wanted to get off my legs and relax, but ended up searching all over town for something within my budget. Everywhere wanted 25,000 pesos (around $40) and that was to way too much. I ended up talking to a lady at a hostel and she said all their rooms were filled. I asked if they would have room in their backyard for me to camp and after some talking, they said ok. I ended up helping the grandpa move some metal, so I would have a place to stay and was so grateful for the generosity

This is about it for the gear now

This is about it for the gear now. Took two days off to take advantage of the city and to rest the body.

Andy, smiling and hitching through the Carretera Austral. Safe travels my friend

Andy, smiling and hitching through the Carretera Austral. Safe travels my friend

Home is where the tent is

Home is where the tent is



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Day 510 – Unexpected short day.

Day 510 / Camping – Villa Amengual , Chile / 30 miles (Total 13,915)


Well, the views didn’t change over night. The clouds still hung low and the rain lasted throughout the night. Sometimes it can be a drag packing up in the rain, but with a background like this, I considered myself still lucky


Another day in paradise. A smooth road and little traffic. Doesn’t take much to put a smile on this face



I forgot that I made it to the summit late last night. Rain gear on and I enjoyed a nice downhill ride throughout the national park. Every blog I have read and everyone I talked to has encountered rain in this park. Just part of life I guess. Even with a cold rain in my face the scenery was absolutely amazing.


Thick woods cover all the lands here.


A fast decent and this will be the last time I slow down for the ride down


The construction ended and I had a smooth road ahead of me. Today’s weather would slam me with heavy rain, then let up just enough to take a photo. A giant mountain with a massive glacier on top


I have said it more then once on this trip. Photos don’t do this justice


Same mountain with a different view


The views opened up to this after the decent. I keep stumbling onto beauty day after day, and trust me, not a moment goes by I don’t take it in.

Out of nowhere the road jumped up to 1,000 ft in elevation, which gave me a good view of where I came from. As I was taking a break a group of 4 Germans stopped on motorcycles. We chatted for a while and then one grabbed my camera that was on a near by bench. This is me posing for a photo while 4 grown men are telling me to smile pretty for the camera. We exchanged info and they sped fast up the hill.


A photo without my mug in it


I made it to Amengual with the thought of stocking up on supplies since I was low, then leaving town. Well, typical Chile. Every shop was closed and wouldn’t open for the next few hours. I took it as a sign and found a nice hostel to call home. It’s always interesting to check out the houses in other countries. Some siding I found interesting at the hostel I stayed at



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Day 509 – Enjoying the small things in life

Day 509 / Puyuguapi – Camping, Chile / 30 miles (Total 13,885)


The rain was coming down when I woke up and the thought of staying another day crossed my mind. It’s always the hardest in the morning to get motivated. After I got out of the tent and stretched out the thought of riding over came any sort of laziness. On the bike and the camera was out. Old ship wrecked boats litter the shore


All the rain last night was a blessing. No more eating dust today. The dirt road was like smooth pavement this morning.


It may have been a cloudy day, but the colors were out in full swing.


So many rivers flowing in Patagonia


The rain started to come down hard, but I was in a mode to get dirty today. It didn’t take long for the construction to take over.


Something didn’t feel right about the ride through the construction site though. It was too quiet. No cars, no workers throughout the entire stretch. A few miles into the ride a work truck came up behind me and told me I had to get off the road ASAP! I had 30 minutes to get out of the blast zone before they blew part of the road. Nice of them to warn me bfore hand. Sure enough, 10 minutes after I see the sign that I was out of the zone…BOOOM!!! The sounds of explosions echoed throughout the valley. Pretty intense way to start the day


After they blew the road, I was caught in the middle of large trucks hauling off the mess


After I was out of the construction zone things got quiet, real quiet. The road was closed off for the next few hours and I had the road to myself. Not one vehicle for the next 4 hours passed me. So nice to have the road to myself


Couldn’t ask for a better ride today


There are some grand views in Patagonia, and then there are the small views that make it even better. Somethings I wouldn’t notice if I was in a speeding vehicle


Do I camp before the climb, or push on? It was getting late in the afternoon and I pushed on to get to the summit. A steep 1,800 ft climb filled with switchbacks. Glad I did it, cause a reward was waiting for me at the summit


One of those “what the heck moments”. I looked close to see what was stirring in the water and a group seals were playing in a circle.


The views didn’t seem real today.


Stopping for another rainy photo


I made it to the summit and gave out a loud HECK YA!!! A giant waterfall greeted me at the top. So powerful


One of the best waterfalls I have seen on this trip. Cars pulled over to take photos and I trail blazed through the woods and across a river.


Another top-notch campsite. Fell asleep listening to the waterfall with a smile on my face.



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