Day 476 – Two days of rain

Day 476 / Jujuy – La Caldera, Argentina / 45 miles (Total 12,285)


Eduardo, staying behind for bike reasons. Tom, staying behind to let his bum heal. Cant be riding with a sore bum. We will all meet up later down the road


Tobacco fields and mountains


Taking advantage of a nice bike path


You really appreciate seeing trees after weeks of being in the desert.


Argentina has such a different feel then all the other countries I have traveled through. A great road and loving this country


Great company, great road, and some great scenery. Love touring by bike. Nothing beats it


Coming around a corner, and we bump into Brian and Maggie from Canada. The 6 of us took over the road


Me, Sarah, and Scott taking the front


USA and Canada taking up the road


I pedaling fast to catch up to Mateo and came around a corner a little to hot. My left panniers scrapped on the asphalt, lost control and ended up in the ditch with the tall grass slowing me down. Always a good crash when you walk away laughing. Gave everyone in the crew a good chuckle also.


Back under control and enjoying the ride


Felt like we were back in the jungle


A small break and the storm clouds started to roll in


Water shooting out of the ground. Making for a good view, besides the smell of sulfur


We rolled into town with a light rain coming down. We found a nice shelter in the town and set up camp. When we were done setting up the rain came chucking down. Some of the hardest rains I have seen, then we had a visitor. A man acting all tough told us we couldn’t camp here and that we had to move. By this time the ground was covered in water and moving didn’t sound fun at all. Mateo and I headed of to the police station to ask permission and they had no problem with us camping there. Good thing we didn’t move, cause for the next 2 days the rains didn’t let up. Some serious heavy rains in Argentina.



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Day 474-475 / A long day

Day 474-475 / camping – Jujuy, Argentina / 135 miles (Total 12,240)


A 1000 ft morning climb to start the day

Today was a long day on and off the bike. We started with 30 miles of riding, then decided to hitch a ride through some desert and a 20 mile hill climb. We passed through an incredible mountain range that left us all a little speechless. After a 60 mile truck ride, we jumped back on the bikes and put on another 30 miles through heavy headwinds and some down pouring rain. We all stayed in a dorm room that night to get out of the rain. The next day we pedaled the 15 miles to Jujuy and found a nice hostel to celebrate Toms birthday. We grabbed some nice steaks ($2.50 for some of the best steak I have ever had) and few beverages for the night. Ended up going to the circus, then took an interesting taxi ride with Mateo and Tom. Sorry, once again the blogs pg and the stories will have to stay in Jujuy.


Photo on the fly


Around a 1,000 ft of climbing, then the views changed


Fast and beautiful.


Mateo, just a blur


Hard decision to go fast, or take photos


Throw the bikes in and enjoy the ride. Skipping out on some flat, boring ride and a 20 mile mountain climb. Alright with me and the rest of the crew. FYI – It’s illegal to ride in the back of trucks in Chile and Argentina. The driver dropped us off right before a police checkpoint.


This is Eduaro from Colombia (aka The Dude). We passed him in the truck, yelling out if he wanted a ride. He yelled back “YEEEESSSS”.


Four happy bikers enjoying the free ride up.


The long ride up the mountain side

All together there was over 40 tight switchbacks. I would be nervous driving the road, but our driver seemed under control with the situation. At one point, I noticed he was taking the sharp corners with one hand on the wheel and the other holding a beer. Never a dull moment down here.  Here are some mountain photos for your viewing pleasure.


100_7026 100_7035 100_7036 100_7039 100_7045 100_7049 100_7051 100_7060 100_7062 100_7064 100_7073 100_7074 100_7075 100_7079 100_7104 100_7105 100_7108 100_7113



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Update with Randy Shaver and James in Argentina

Kare11, James Rienstra, Pedaling for Pennies

Click here to watch the latest interview with James and Randy Shaver.



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